Do you like crunchy almonds? Taste them in dessert or taste them by themselves – really this good nut can bring benefits to your skin, hair and health, there are more reasons to use almonds. Almond is nutrition and delicious which contains anti-oxidant, vitamin E, good fat and others nutrients. Almond or “badam”, like we call it in India, basically it is a seed which is used to eat of the tree has origin from Middle East and South Asia. Almond isn’t real nut. Almond really is nut compounds an outer shell and hard shell contain white seed is used to eat. Almond has already without skin and with skin. Almond with skin is treated with warm water to make nut is softer, is called bare almond which shell is removed to expose white embryos. Consuming almond can bring to you great skin, healthy digestive system and balanced cholesterol. Almond can be used for many applications. Almond oil is popular and used for skin and hair.


Benefits of almond for skin

Almond is super food for skin. Being full source of vitamin E and anti-oxidant, almond can bring some below benefits for your skin.

1. Almond helps skin brighter

Anti-oxidant in almond cleans your skin by removing toxin and radicals out of your body. It contains a lot of alpha-tocopherol is main material of vitamin E. This vitamin is called food for skin because it feeds your skin, keeps skin smooth and bright. Besides eating almond, you can use it for mask for bright skin. You need to crush 4 to 5 almonds to have almond powder and mixes it with free-sugar milk, lemon juice and oatmeal. Put mixture to your skin and clean after 30 minutes to have better skin.

2. Benefits for against aging

Diversity anti-oxidants in almond with anti-oxidant properties help to reduce wrinkle. Massage often your skin with almond oil helps your skin bright, radiant and looks younger than your age.

3. Treat acne and blackheads

Almond is useful in reduce acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Using often almond oil helps acne disappears time by time. Almond oil also reduces acne scars. For this goal, you can prepare almond oil, lemon juice, honey and milk to apply to scars. Do it for a week can significantly remove scars.

4. Treat of dark circles

Almond oil helps control the dark circles under your eyes. It’s necessary to do is massage under your eyes with almond oil. Do it everyday can reduce dark circles under your eyes for two weeks.

5. Treat of dried skin

This is great benefit of almond. If your skin is dried, you can prepare almond oil mask to remove dead cells you dislike out of your face and neck, prevent acnes and helps your skin out of dried. You can mix a spoon of almond powder with egg-white and lemon juice. Apply this mixture to your face for 20 minutes and clean your face with cool water.

6. Prevent from sunburned skin

Sunlight can cause your sunburned skin, so your skin isn’t bright. You can mix almond oil, lemon juice, honey and formula milk. Apply this mixture on your sunburned skin for 20 minutes. Do it twice a week to reduce your sunburned skin and improve moisture of your skin.

7. Treat of freckles and age spots

All of us always want to have fresh skin without freckles and age spots. When we are older, our skin lose the brighten causes freckles and age spots. You can prepare the mixture compound crushed almond powder, sandalwood powder and fresh milk. Apply it on your face and your neck. Wait it dried and clean your face. Do it at least twice a week. 


Some others benefits of almond

Both eating and applying almond oil can provide you strong hair. Almond oil has special advantage relates hair and helps you removes all problem of hair.

8. Get rid of dandruff

You can prepare a mixture mask with almond to avoid dandruff and impurities of the scalp. For this purpose, spin almond become powder and mix 1 bowl of almond powder with ½ cup of yogurt and 1 spoon of curry powder. Apply this mixture to your hair to use at night, add egg-white to this mixture to use for daytime. Clean after 20 minutes. It will help you feed your hair, remove dandruff and impurities of your scalp.

9. Hair loss treatment

Almond oil contains full of not only vitamin D and E, but also minerals as magnesium and calcium. It can soften hair and prevent from hair loss. It is helpful in treatment of hard dry hair as a natural moisture cream. It provides essential nutrients to help your hair stronger and shiny. All you need to do is warming almond oil for some seconds and massages gently until it absorbs to your hairline. Wash your hair with light shampoo after some hours. It is applied one time for a week to have best result.


Benefits for health of almond

Almond contains a lot of nutrients are good for health. These are some striking benefits of almond.

10. Improve digestive system

One of reasons why almond is good for skin is it helps digestive system to do best with removing toxin out of body. Almond has full of fibers so it prevents from constipation which disorganizes the process of action of digestive system. To speed up digest and digest regularly, you should drink enough water and eat almond.

11. Almond is source of energy

Almond provides source of energy well. It contains manganese, bronze and riboflavin help to produce energy and improve metabolic rate. You can start your day with eating 10 almonds nut which is soaked in water all night. Anti-oxidant, protein and good fat in almond maintain cholesterol at stable.

12. Regulate blood pressure

Almond has full of potassium and little sodium can regulate blood pressure. Potassium manages blood pressure while sodium in low helps control fluctuating blood pressure. Vitamins and minerals in almond prevent from shortage of nutrients. The correct balance of vitamins and minerals is very important for healthy lifestyle.

13. Anti-inflammatory

Some fat acids are important and helpful for health. These fat acids can be created by body but they can be found from sources of food. Almond has full of linolenic acid which can reduce inflammation. They reduce cholesterol bad LDL and promote good skin and hair.

14. Almond is good for diabetes

Almond special is good for diabetes patients because it prevent from increase in reaction of glucose and insulin after meals. They protect dangerous mutations in blood sugar Blood for diabetes patients after big meals. Almond helps control absorbing and handling. Consuming often almond can reduce cholesterol in low and insulin sensitivity prevent from diabetes.

15. Improve healthy heart system

Being full source of minerals as potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, folic acid and monounsaturated fat, almond can significantly reduces risk of heart disease. Vitamin E is effectively anti-oxidant reduces risk of heart disease while magnesium prevents from heart attacks. Almond helps reduce protein C-reactive causes arteritis. Folic acid in almond reduces homocysteine prevents fat accumulation in artery. Besides that shell of almond contains flavonoid combines with vitamin E becomes strong shield to protect damage to artery walls.

16. For strong bones and good teeth

Benefit of almond is brought from phosphorus in almond. These mineral not only improves strength and endurance of bones and teeth but also prevents the onset some diseases relates as osteoporosis.

17. Advantage for pregnant women

Pregnant women should have almond in their diet. Folic acid in this nut helps to prevent birth defects for infants and promotes strong development of cells, creates tissue. If neural tubes are underdeveloped or shortage, which will causes neural tube defects. Folic acid is suggested for pregnant women to develop neural tube of infants. Almond contains folic acid helps pregnant women and their infants are health.

18. Improve immune system

Almond can improve alkalinity of body. Almond is great source of providing alkalinity for improve immune system to avoid diseases and stay good health. It has high vitamin E content and strong anti-oxidant help to remove bad radicals which promote chronic diseases and damage parts of body out of there. Even these radials can cause heart disease and cancer. Shortage of vitamin E can relate with weak resistance to infection of body.

19. Improve brain’s function

Almond is great source of nutrition which is good for your health and development of brain. Children are suggested to eat almond for breakfast because almond contains two important nutrients for brain are called riboflavin and L-carnitine help to promote action of brain, create new neurons and reduce risk of Alzheimer. Both almond and almond oil are good for nervous system activity.

20. Prevent from cancer

A study in Department of Nutrition, California University shows that consuming almond helps to reduce risk of colon cancer because it improves the movement of food through colon, prevents plaque buildup which causes colon cancer. It’s continuing to study about relation of eating full of fiber and reducing risk of colon cancer


Almond can help to weight loss

Almond is great chosen for someone wants to weight loss. Many types of nuts often are criticized for containing fat content but almond contains monounsaturated fat which helps to satisfy hunger and prevent you from eating too much. Fiber, protein and fat in almond bring satisfaction to you as soon as eating only little of them. High fiber content in almond often promotes stimulates peristalsis can remove toxic helps to weigh loss and remain good health. Some studies showed that someone often consumes almond can remain her good weight while other one rarely or never consumes almond is unstable weight. In fact, a diet has low calories combines with almond is realized that good for obesity to weight loss. Magnesium helps control sugar in blood which is important nutrient for reduce risk of hunger. Almond even can prevent body absorbs calories. These are characteristics help almond becomes natural dish to diet. It’s suggested that eating 1 ounce of almond for natural calories.


Nutritional value of almonds

These nuts contains full of nutrients as Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Consuming 23 almonds everyday can provide to you all important nutrients. Besides that it is source of full fiber and protein, which are naturally low-sugar. For all of nuts, almond contains the most protein, Vitamin E, riboflavin, niacin and calcium. Pure almonds has a lot of nutrients are important for managing weight and satisfying hunger. Nutritional value of almonds compounds:

  • Energy and fat nutrient: Almond contains high content of monounsaturated fatty acid which is known it can reduce risk of heart disease and cholesterol LDL. 01 or 23 almonds provide 18 gram fat nutrients and 11 gram monounsaturated fatty acids. A diet with 23 almonds contains 160 calories, almost of them are healthy saturated fat.
  • Fiber: nuts have good source of fiber and almond has too. A diet with almond (23 almonds) provides 3,3 gram fiber equivalent 13% value of nutrition is suggested.
  • Carbohydrates: almond is full source of carbohydrates, with a diet has 23 almonds provides 5,6 gram carbohydrates, a half of them are fiber.
  • Protein: Almond contains high quality of vegetal protein. A quarter of cup of almond contains 7,62 gram protein. Protein content is suggested everyday is 50 gram base on a diet with 2000 calories. A quarter of cup of almond satisfies 15% value of protein is suggested everyday. Almond doesn’t contain cholesterol and very few of sodium.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is strong anti-oxidant nutrient protects cells of body, especially is skin, heart and red blood cells protect radicals. A quarter of cup of almond provides about 45% calories is suggested everyday.
  • B-vitamin: Almond has high of vitamin B as riboflavin, B-6, thiamine, niacin and folate. All of them play important part in cell metabolism of body.
  • Magnesium: Pure almonds are good source of mineral, especially is magnesium. Quarter of magnesium provide 25% value magnesium is suggested everyday. This mineral is good condition for oxygen, blood and suitable nutrition spread throughout the body.
  • Phosphorus: Almond also contains a large amount of phosphorus with one ounce is served can provide 15% value of nutrition is suggested everyday.
  • Potassium: A diet with 23 pure almonds contains 290 miligram of potassium.
  • Manganese and bronze: A quarter of almonds provide 45% manganese and 20% bronze are suggested everyday. Both of them support for enzyme production process protect free radicals cause aging.
  • Free gluten: Almonds are good choice for who is sensitive with gluten and get celiac disease, which are often used in gluten-free alternatives because they contain fibers are good for celiac patients.


Notes for you when using almonds

Almonds can bring a lot benefits for your skin, your hair and your health. It is good idea for snack or used for cooking. Although almond as same as others food, it should be consumed with suitable content for good health. Let’s continues and enjoy with almonds now!

Trong các công trình cao tầng, cầu thang là một phần không thể thiếu. Không chỉ đóng góp vai trò quan trọng tạo sự thuận lợi hơn cho việc đi lại của con người mà là một nét đẹp trang trí thêm cho không gian công trình. Hiện nay, có rất nhiều những mẫu cầu thang kính đẹp đang được rất nhiều khách hàng quan tâm, và đăng sau những mẫu thiết kế tinh tế ấy là một quy trình thiết kế vô cùng công phu.

Các bước tiến hành thiết kế cầu thang kính
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Để có thể sở hữu được những mẫu cầu thang kính đẹp thì việc tham khảo và tìm hiểu kỹ các đơn vị nhận thi công thiết kế cầu thang kính là vô cùng quan trọng. Trên thị trường hiện nay, ngày càng có nhiều đơn vị thi công cầu thang kính xuất hiện và chúng ta sẽ phải lựa chọn ra một đơn vị thi công chuyên nghiệp, trách nhiệm nhất. Mức giá mà chúng ta phải chi trả cho đơn vị này có thể sẽ cao hơn so với nhiều địa chỉ khác nhưng chắc chắn chất lượng và kết quả mà chúng ta nhận lại được sẽ hoàn toàn xứng đáng.

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?? PERCUMA repair dan spare parts
Tempoh sewabeli paling singkat di Malaysia. Berminat?
? 0139082802
Kenangan jadi personal shopper masa #MaryJardin Main Outlet Launching dulu.
Memang shopping sakannn lah.
Tak cukup satu troli giant tu.
Bermandi peluh jangan cakap lah. Tapi luaran muka maintain coolll je. Baru lepas terima anugerah kan pagi tu. Haha.
Kali ni, HQ dah upah event manager dari luar.
InsyaAllah akan lebih sistematik dan memudahkan. Terbaikkk lah team HQ MJ.
Tak sabarrr nak ke sana 26hb ni. Nak collect barang-barang yang uolsss order bertimbun-timbun tu lah.
Jommm serang Star Avenue hujung minggu ni. Ada banyakkk pengisian dan booth menarikkk. Dan lagi best, semuanya for FREEE. Boleh intai kat komen.
Eh, korong dah secure order set promo ke belum ni? Ada lebih 16 promo semuanya. Siap berpeluang untuk menang #Emas dan #WangTunai rm100 lagi.
Kalau belum, klik link kat bawah segera.
Sebelum kehabisan stok. Sebelum web tutup order khamis ni. ?